About Us

Eastern Plumbing Co. of Wilmington, Inc. 

We at Eastern Plumbing Company offer a wide variety of services including new construction, residential, commercial as well as service on existing plumbing systems. 

Our mission statement is to provide consumers exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, honesty, and reliability.

What We Do

Our experienced team of plumbing professionals will see your project through to a high quality turn key job that you can be proud of. We work closely with suppliers and inspection departments so you can relax knowing that there will be no delays and no surprises.
You will have access to several showrooms in the Wilmington NC area where our sales personnel are eager to assist you with planning your construction projects and remodels.

At Eastern Plumbing Co we don’t have commission driven plumbers whose honesty is affected by what their paycheck looks like that week.

All of our plumbers are honest, have been drug tested, background checked, and are paid a salary not commission.

Eastern Plumbing Co. of Wilmington, Inc.

It is our pleasure to serve you for all your plumbing and water restoration needs!

Eastern Plumbing Co’s goal in Wilmington is not to be the biggest plumbing company – because to be the biggest you have to charge the biggest prices. Our prices are very affordable and generally 35% less expensive than the guys you see on tv and hear on the radio. We will continue to be a big contender in the Wilmington area because of our personal attention to our customers and our commitment to putting the your needs first.